Nogalis training courses

Using Lawson and Big Data to Improve outcomes and reduce Employee Attrition

During this 50 minute webinar, hear from Big Data experts how your Lawson (and other data) can be used to improve outcomes and reduce employee attrition. The webinar will cover other big data related topics as well and there will be industry examples to suit all audiences. Some of the topics covered include:

What is Big Data?
    + How does it differ from BI?
    + How does it apply to your Lawson data?
    + What is possible? Examples and use cases
    + How and where to begin?


Copying Landmark Productline

Copying productlines in S3 is a breeze, but Landmark is a different story. There are several possible scenarios and a lot of things to consider. Join us for this one hour webinar and gain access to a free tool that will help the process.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) for Dummies

Whether you are a CIO or a SysAdmin, as the world moves to the cloud, all IT professionals need to understand the cloud and be able to speak its language. In this 1 hour webinar, get a quick primer of several of the services available through AWS. Some of the topics covered include:

EC2 – Virtual Servers in the Cloud
S3 – Scalable Storage in the cloud
RDS – Managed Relational Database Service
And several more (Lambda, DynamoDB, Redshift…)


How to write an effective RFP

In this brief, 1 hour webinar, we will go over the components of a success oriented Request For Proposal (RFP). Get never before shared insights as to how vendors evaluate and respond to RFPs and maximize the responses to your next request. This Non-Technical session is directed towards anyone in a position to write and managed IT projects. The session will use Lawson projects for example purposes, but the points covered are usable across any range of IT related projects.

How to Apply, Stage, and Revert Application Patches (CTPs) in Lawson S3

In this brief, 1 hour webinar, we will go over the application maintenance tool set (AMT) and discuss how to find and apply patches to your Lawson application. We will also discuss how to stage multiple CTPs and back them out.  Lastly, we will go over some troubleshooting tips and how to handle issues that may come up during CTP installation.

Going Live with Lawson V10 By May 31 2017

In this short webinar we’ll show you our tried and true methodology for upgrading to version 10 as quickly as possible without making any compromises in quality. We’ll also leave a 30 minute QA session to answer all your questions regarding the upgrade process.


Lawson Reporting

Getting the most out of your Lawson Data

In this webinar we discuss some of the reporting and BI options available to use with your Lawson data. The main options covered are:

  • Infor Business Intelligence for Lawson (aka LBI)
  • Microsoft Addins
  • Crystal Reports
  • SSRS
  • Tableau

Below you’ll find the video recording of the actual webinar along with a powerpoint deck which has been updated to include the Gartner report links mentioned on this webinar.

You can also see several of the interactive examples we used on the webinar by going to this link on our page:

Automated user administration for Landmark and LSF using Infor Process Automation (IPA)

In this webinar we discuss the challenges with building an IPA process for automating user administration in Landmark and LSF. This webinar builds on a webinar posted on the Infor Technology Blog by Glen Rexing which can be found here:

We highly recommend starting with Glen’s webinar before going through this webinar as we focus more on the few challenging pieces that we encountered as we implemented this process for one of our clients.

During the webinar we introduced a possibility for viewing the status of some of your processes using an HTML page. We have created a sample page that can be viewed here:

For more information on how to create an web dashboard, please contact us.

Here are some of the downloads from the webinar:

11 Performance Enhancers For Your Lawson Environment

Ever wish you could boost the performance of your Lawson application and just make it go faster? Are you tired of having to tell your users that you’ve tried everything and all that is possible is buying more hardware? Watch this webinar and learn some project proven methods we have learned that may help you get more out of what you already have.

Troubleshooting Lawson Security

Troubleshooting Lawson Security

Learn how to troubleshoot and debug Lawson Security. This webinar will focus on the tools available and methods to address common issues with Lawson security. The webinar will include a document that can be downloaded with all the necessary links and commands covered in the webinar.