Our educational webinars are a symbol of our commitment to contribute to the Infor community. The intent of each webinar is to deliver a complete unit of education in a specific area where we can contribute value to those interested in learning. Webinars are carried out by Nogalis consultants, Nogalis clients, or other knowledgeable contributors. Below is a list of available webinars. Subscribe to be notified of upcoming webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

July 11 – Everything you need to know about implementing ADFS – We have implemented ADFS for over a dozen Infor customers and have gained some great real-world experience with a few surprises along the way. Our ADFS implementation lead will share with you her experience and some of the surprises you might encounter as you implement ADFS. If you have already implemented ADFS, there are still a few nuggets of information we think you will find useful.

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