Lawson Archive Cloud

We help Lawson customers archive their legacy applications to the cloud and eliminate 100% of their Lawson footprint in 6-8 weeks so they can save on average $500k annually

Infor Lawson Archive Solution

When organizations move to a new ERP or CRM application, they often keep the legacy application running for 5-10 years to satisfy audit and data retention requirements. In the case of the Infor Lawson application this retention policy can come at a heavy cost and high risk.

The risks and costs of doing nothing

  • Decommissioned operating systems such as Windows 2003 or 2008 server that are no longer supported and pose a high security risk
  • Antiquated hardware that can fail and consumes real estate and energy
  • Deprecated databases such as Oracle 10 that are no longer supported and require DBA skills
  • Outdated components that are increasingly hard to maintain such as LDAP, Java, WebSphere …
  • Cost of backups, disaster recovery, monitoring and storage on many servers

The Process

Our Infor Lawson Archive Solution eliminates all of the above costs and risks and ensures that your access to the data remains intact without the risks associated with maintaining the application.

Step 1 – We migrate your legacy data from your existing on-prem database to AWS or Azure cloud DB instance and validate it.

Step 2 – Implement our serverless solution in the AWS cloud

Step 3 – Integrate our solution with your active directory for user access

Step 4 – Provide access to the users as needed by module

At a glance


  • Web Application Firewall
  • Secured Socket Layer
  • Encryption At Rest
  • Geo Fencing
  • SAML Integration
  • Role Based Access
  • Dual verification API
  • 2FA Compatible
  • Penetration Tested and certified

Speed & Reliability

  • Always on
  • Global Edge Availability
  • Aurora Fast Failover
  • Multiple Availability Zones
  • Read-Only
  • Accidental Delete Protection
  • Blazing performance with AWS Aurora
  • Super light weight front end components
  • Optimized for modern browsers

Accessibility And Accuracy

  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Mobile Friendly Interface
  • Global Edge locations
  • SAML Integration
  • Proven Data Migration Techniques
  • 100 Million+ Point Data Validation
  • Table Summary Validation
  • Table Count Validation

Cost Effectiveness

  • Completely Serverless
  • Minimal storage and compute costs
  • Most affordable cloud solution guaranteed
  • Zero maintenance
  • Eliminates local footprint entirely
  • No hidden costs