Managing your Infor Lawson environment is not easy. Whether your organization is a hospital, a retail chain, or a bank, your core competencies likely do not include managing a large scale Enterprise Resource Planning application. Your IT resources are spread thin and only attend to Lawson when something is broken and has become an emergency. Often times there are so many back logged tickets that your staff cannot even get to do proactive maintenance. The bigger issue that is often overlooked is inadequate training. Your IT staff cannot be expected to be an expert in all areas of Lawson but is often held accountable for it. There has to be a better way and that is why we created our managed services offering.

Lawson Managed Service

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Hours: 24/7/365
30 Minute SLA
3rd party apps and interfaces
Issue resolution rate: 98%

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Whether you need help on a specific application function, or you need assistance closing this week’s payroll, our expert functional staff is there to help you at no additional cost. When you become a managed service customer, you get the benefit of over one hundred years of combined expertise in the application to guide you through any challenge.

As a managed service customer, you get free access to our DOCR documentation portal. During the first few months of our engagement, our managed service staff will gradually document all of your interfaces and customizations and store them on our document portal. Our documents are made such that anyone can quickly look through them and support, troubleshoot, and recover the interface. Find out more about DOCR here.

Each month, our experienced technical staff performs a long list of tests on your applications and environment to determine the health of your systems. These test are well documented and archived for future review. Each HealthCheck contains near-term and long-term recommendation, along with a letter grade (A-D) that can be used to make needed changes. For more on what is contained in each monthly HealthCheck click here to view a sample.

Each year, we work with our managed service clients to ensure that they are getting what they pay for and sizing correctly for their needs. This week long exercise almost always saves our customers enough money to pay for most of the cost of their managed services each year.

Our team is always available to you to help with the operation of your business. But we are also here to help you with any project support. With a combined experience pool of over 150 years, our team is always contributing to the success of our client’s projects. Whether you need us to participate actively, or simply server in testing and training capacity, we are here to support your sucess.

Our monthly HealtCheck contains a full security audit that points out vulnerabilities and issues before they lead to disasters. Using our LSFIQ security reporting engine, we analyze every aspect of your security setup within minutes and provide you with an actionable list of items that can be readily addressed by our team. To see a sample security audit click here.

Our managed service clients enjoy the freedom on never having to worry about administering any of their application systems again. Our experienced team of system administrators work tirelessly to ensure flawless operation and maximum uptime. With the latest in training and exposure to several clients, our team is always prepared and never surprised. Rest assured knowing that your applications are in expert hands at all times.

Our most visible service is addressing trouble tickets for our customers and thousands of users each day. There are several ways customers can engage with us. The most common practice is to enter tickets into the customer’s incident management system and assign it to our team. Clients can also call us directly, start incidents by sending an email, or use our ticketing system when their own is not well-established. However you communicate issues to our team, you can rest assured that they will be resolved quickly an efficiently.

Whether you’re an OnPrem or a Cloud customer, your interfaces are likely your biggest support resource consumers. Most vendors do not support interfaces as they are all custom built programs requiring intimate knowledge of the interface and it’s inner-workings. At Nogalis, we believe that a support partnership means that we are there for you any time you need us. We not only support all your custom interfaces, but we’re happy to help you resolve issues with 3rd party applications that are not even related to the Infor productline. Over the years we have encountered several applications that are commonly used by our clients and we have developed a set of troubleshooting procedures for many of them (including OnBase, MHC, BSI, and more).

Our team of highly technical developers and technicians are at your disposal. We not only support all your customizations with our managed service offering, we also take the time to ensure that  they are all well documented and on our DOCR documentation portal so any of our team members can support them.

User provisioning and security privilege related issues account for nearly 10% of the time we spend with our clients. As a managed service customer, all your mundane administrative tasks are always done and up to date. Tickets never pile up, and users are always happy with the speed and accuracy of our service.

Our managed service team is always monitoring your applications for required updates. Each month we point out components that need to be updated on our monthly HealthCheck and work with you to schedule these updates to reduce user impact. Your systems will always be patched and up to date and you can rest assured knowing you are always caught up.

An extension of your own team

  • 24/7/365 Service Desk
  • Remote Server and Application Monitoring
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Change management
  • Custom application support
  • Functional support
  • Live Statistical Reporting
  • Upgrade support

Your first line of support

  • 24/7 Custom tailored support
  • Phone, Email, and live WebEx support
  • Custom SLAs to match and surpass your expectations
  • Support for 3rd party solutions
  • Root cause analysis