Lawson Mingle is loading apps to a blank page

Have you ever had a user in your organization setup correctly with all Lawson and Mingle security roles, yet when they login to Lawson Mingle and select any apps from the waffle tray, they get a blank page upon loading? This is a common thing that can be fixed.

As of writing this, Chrome is the primary support offered for Mingle.

First go to settings in Chrome

Search “Third-Party” in the settings tool bar and select Cookies and other site data

Make sure the Block third-party cookies in Incognito is selected

This should resolve the Lawson apps being blocked and presenting a blank page in Mingle.

MSCM Handheld CAB Files

In a previous article, we taught you how to bypass an error message “Internet Explorer cannot download file” on a Mobile Supply Chain Management, or MSCM, handheld. Today, we’re going to show you the simple way to to file share on MSCM handheld.

Occasionally you may need to copy the handheld CAB files to a file share so they can be loaded on the handhelds.

The local file path for MSCM up to version 11 is:


The local file path for MSCM starting with version 11.2 is:


Tips for Preparing for Infor Patch Bundles

It’s that time again!  Infor Cloud is releasing a patch bundle for 2022, which is a pre-requisite for their year-end patching.  There are typically dozens (or hundreds) of patches applied during these bundles, to all the Infor applications hosted in the cloud.  This can be an overwhelming prospect for users and IT staff who are tasked with testing and validation during these patches.

If you haven’t already taken the latest bundle, here are some quick tips for preparing your organization for a patch bundle:


  • Release notes: Infor always provides release notes on the patch bundle that they are implementing.  These release notes will be attached to the KB article that is associated with your bundle (which should be referenced in your email communication for the bundle).  If you are having trouble finding the KB article, your Infor account representative should be able to point you to it.
  • Security: Occasionally the bundles will impact Lawson Security, and even more frequently they will implement new forms/fields/tables/columns that need to be secured.  Run some security reports before the bundle so that they can be compared to the same reports after.  Also, search your html release notes for any tokens that will be added, and determine if your organization needs to secure them.
  • Reports: Run reports or queries for data validation, but also search the release notes for database changes, and make sure that you are ready to update any reports that are impacted by those changes.


  • Certificate: If you own MSCM, it is almost always going to be updated as part of the patch bundle. There is often an issue with the certificate after this update.  Either the certificate is no longer valid, or it wasn’t generated during the patch.  After the update, make sure you go directly to the CAB file location and that you see a valid certificate there (it’ll be named like your server).  If you don’t see the file, or if you get security errors when trying to connect, open a ticket with Infor letting them know you think your cert is not valid.
  • CAB files: It is best practices to delete all your CAB files from the handhelds and reinstall them after these major updates.


  • Interface validation: There is a high probability that one or more of your IPA processes will be impacted by the patch bundle. It is important to test every single interface end-to-end.
  • IP Designer: The IP Designer version MUST match the Landmark/IPA version exactly.  So, after a patch bundle, you WILL have to download a fresh version of IPD.


  • What to test: You are most likely going to need to test everything.  Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual processes should be included in your testing.
  • How to test: Provide users with test scripts for each function, and have a central location for users to log the results. We like to use as our central repository for testing.


  • You can use LID to validate data counts. You should also compare pre-update reports to post-update reports in all applications, including security.


Nogalis has assisted many cloud clients through the implementations of these patch bundles, and we would love to assist you as well!  We have some great resources on hand who can provide managed services of your system, training, and project work.  Check out our managed services program, or email our managed services and cloud expert Desi at for inquiries about project work.


AS400 Lawson srgen command

When running SRGEN in Lawson on iSeries/AS400 there are some things to consider. first, make sure you have the lawson source library LAWSRC in your library list. If the LAWSRC source library is not in your library list, your screen rules will not be updated. You should also make sure to put LAWSRC above your modification library and make sure they contain lawson source files as well as the .sr members before you run SRGEN. Lastly, the syntax for running SRGEN is CALL SRGEN PARM(LAWAPP SYSTEMCODE), where systemcode is your Lawson system code (i.e. HR). If you need to create screen rules (.sr) for multiple system codes, separate the system codes with a single space (i.e. HR GL AP IF AR).

Lawson Admins – How to update the default application globally in Lawson Mingle

In your organization, you may want to set the default application to Lawson Portal or MSCM for all users when they first login. To do this, follow the steps below.


First login to Infor Mingle.

Go to the user icon on the top right and select User Management

Once in user management, open the waffle icon on the top left

You should see all the Lawson apps you have access to here

In order to make Infor Lawson the default application, click and drag that icon and make sure it’s the top left most Icon.

The first icon in the top left will always load by default.


As of writing this, this should be the way to set the default app globally but can change in the future.

Reload the page and the default application should stay the same.

Installing a CTP on AS400

To Install a CTP on AS400, follow these guidelines:


Open a green screen and go to command line:

Enter the following commands:

call lawenv


cd $LAWDIR (or location of tar files)

The Versions file is EBCDIC instead of ASCII. You will use /QOpenSys/usr/bin/tar to unpack package.

Otherwise, you will get this error:

Error: Versions file is wrong CCSID.

If so, you will need to remove all untarred files from directory and start over with QOpenSys/usr/bin/tar


/QOpenSys/usr/bin/tar -xvf 9.0.1_patch_84930.tar                  

   x 9.0.1_patch_84930.readme.html, 331911 bytes, 649 media blocks.            

   x Versions, 5816 bytes, 12 media blocks.                                    

   x Tasks, 3034 bytes, 6 media blocks.                                        

   x patch.tar.Z, 2483873 bytes, 4852 media blocks.                            


 perl $GENDIR/bin/lawappinstall preview ProdLineName                              

 perl $GENDIR/bin/lawappinstall update ProdLineName                              

 perl $GENDIR/bin/lawappinstall activate ProdLineName                              


check for errors

ls $LAWDIR/ ProdLineName/rpg/*rpg/*SRC/*.err

Hit F3 to exit command line

Dspmsg to Display messages

If you find any failed job enter

Wrkjob # for failed job                                                     


Disabling Custom Configurations in Infor Web Applications

When troubleshooting issues, you can look at the base UI of Infor applications temporarily without configurations by simply modifying the URL.

It is important to note that the URL addition must go on the Landmark URL (not Ming.le).

To open up the landmark URL, first right-click on any of the menu items on the side panel and select “Open link in new tab”.


Next, you will need to add the text &csk.disableuiconfigs=true to the URL.  Keep in mind that this will only work for the HTML4 web  UI.

That’s all there is to it. You’ve successfully disabled custom configurations in Infor web applications.

How to fix Remote Desktop clipboard using Citrix Workspace from the browser

I’m often connecting to Lawson servers to grab reports, important files, etc. via Citrix through the browser and it’s frustrating when you can’t copy files via clipboard direct from the server, forcing me to use alternatives like


A workaround that seems to work for me is opening Citrix Workspace from your desktop tray icon

Then select Menu >> Accounts >> Add…

Add your store URL and continue

Once added, click Sign In

Enter your credentials and open the Remote Desktop app in your Citrix App Store.

Once remote desktop is open, click Show Option >> Local Resources and make sure Clipboard is checked

Clipboard should work properly now. If this ever doesn’t work, reboot your PC and try again.


AS400 secdump and secload

secdump and secload AS400 error: “Command Not Found”

In order to have your command run successfully, you need to set up your Environment variables and library BEFORE you try to run any commands in Qshell.


Here are a couple of syntax examples for running the secdump and secload commands from Qshell to copy the security setup from test to production on AS400:

Dumping all security classes from a test Environment to a production Environment



secdump lawapptest /home/secclasses.dmp




secload -o /home/secclasses.dmp lawappprod


Dumping a single security class from a test Environment to a production Environment



secdump lawapptest /home/hrclerks.dmp hrclerk




secload -o /home/hrclerks.dmp lawappprod


Additional Information:

The two options outlined above are just two of the more common options used with secdump and secload; there are other options you can use. The complete syntax information for secdump and secload are provided below. See these syntax rules for information on other command options.

Debugging Lawson Landmark Error – Unable to connect to Grid Registry

If your Landmark server is all of a sudden not communicating with your Lawson LSF server and you’re receiving the “Unable to connect to Grid Registry”, below are some steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Checks to validate grid connection issue in your file:

  • useLPS is set to false (not connecting to Landmark)
  • lpsHost (Landmark Host) is not configured thus cannot be found in the file as well as
  • lpsPort (Landmark Port)

On the Landmark server:
1. Run this command on the Landmark command prompt.
Windows – packageLPSClientJars.bat
Unix –

This command grabs newly deployed jars and (re)creates the LPSClientJars.jar file in LASYSDIR\LPS directory

2. Copy the newly created LPSCLientJars.jar file to the LSF system (place it in GENDIR/bpm/jar)

On LSF Server
3. Stop the LSF Environment
4. From a command prompt, cd to GENDIR/bpm/jar
5. Extract the jar files out of the LPSClientJars.jar by running this command.
jar -xvf LPSClientJars.jar
6. Delete the LPSClientJars.jar file itself
UNIX – rm LPSClientJars.jar
Windows – del LPSClientJars.jar

The ONLY files that should exist in GENDIR/bpm/jar are

There should be no sub directories in GENDIR/bpm/jar

7. Restart your LSF Environment

NOTE: If your LSF environment runs on AIX, the LIBPATH in lawson.ev needs to include javahome/jre/lib/ppc64

This should resolve the issue and update the configuration.

If you’re not comfortable making these changes, we recommend organizations look into hiring a Lawson consultant team who offers managed services (typically at a fixed monthly rate). These Lawson teams have a wider range of expertise and knowledge and are ideal for larger organizations but also are great for smaller ones that don’t need a dedicated Lawson employee on-site 24/7.