Posti Takes to the Cloud with Infor

Infor recently announced that Finnish postal and logistics leader Posti has begun its migration to Infor CloudSuite WFM (Workforce Management). With a need to address key business process improvements, Infor CloudSuite WFM will simplify the shift planning process and offer an improved user experience, including mobile access, while decreasing running costs and enabling seamless upgrades. Currently, Infor WFM handles the scheduling and fully automated time-and-attendance related to sorting, transportation and delivery of mail and parcels for Posti. In addition, it handles complex, Posti-specific pay rules and more than 20 collective and local agreements. Infor CloudSuite WFM will continue to support all this existing functionality. as well as cover five new employess groups and enable inegration with other Posti systems. Per the press release, these new capabilities built on a cloud deployment will provide employees with the flexibility they need to quickly adapt in today’s environment.


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The Impact of Big Data on ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems play a crucial role in businesses. Unfortunately, not every firm has taken advantages of the benefits an ERP system can have on business. One such advantage that companies should learn to master with this tool is with Big Data. When integrated with Big Data, your ERP system can achieve better processes and drive substantially higher revenue. Marketing expert Mrunal Chokshi shares an article on Customer Think on the huge impact of Big Data on ERP. and why this integration is a necessity for businesses in today’s day and age.

  1. Understand customers better: What big data does is empower ERP systems with better insights and data, sourced from a variety of new sources, including social media.
  2. Better supply chain: When ERP is fortified with big data, companies gain access to insights into the supply chain, i.e., an in-depth overview of the processes, assets, etc. that can then be leveraged to streamline the movement of products across the entire supply chain.
  3. Sales forecasts: Any business needs to be able to make sound sales forecasts. And the duo of ERP and big data helps in this department as well by analyzing inventory and supply chain data.


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Backing up the AD FS internal databases on Microsoft Server 2012

If AD FS is configured to use the Windows Internal Database (WID) server, there are a couple of ways to maintain the databases created in the install.  They can be maintained using command-line sql or SQL Server Management Studio.  The AD FS configuration databases are called AdfsArtifactStore and AdfsConfiguration.

Not that both of these methods need to be performed on the server where AD FS is configured.


Command-line SQL

Log into the AD FS server using the service account under which AD FS was configured.

To prepare the server to run SQLCMD.exe, you will need to install the Native Client, ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server, and the Command Line Utilities for SQL Server 2012.  These can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website.

Once these utilities are installed, create two “.sql” files using a text editor, one for the artifact database and one for the configuration database.  The following text should be placed in the sql file (update with the appropriate names and file paths).  The database names are AdfsArtifactStore and AdfsConfiguration.

BACKUP DATABASE [database name] TO DISK = “backup-path/backup-file.BAK” WITH NOFORMAT, INIT, NAME = “Artifact – Full Database Backup”, SKIP, NOREWIND, NOUNLOAD,STATS = 10


Next, run the sqlcmd to execute a SQL script (provide the name of the script you created in the step above).

sqlcmd.exe -S \\.\pipe\MICROSOFT##WID\tsql\query -i sql-script-path\sql-script-filename.sql


SQL Server Management Studio

The WID server can also be accessed using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).  Note that SSMS must be installed on the server where AD FS is configured in order to be able to connect.

Log into the AD FS server using the service account under which AD FS was configured.  Run SSMS as administrator.  Connect to the server \\.\pipe\MICROSOFT##WID\tsql\query, and use Windows Authentication to connect.

The AD FS configuration databases are AdfsArtifactStore and AdfsConfiguration.  As long as you logged into SSMS as administrator, you should have admin rights on these databases to perform backups, run queries, etc.


Reasons For Using A CRM Tool For Increasing Sales (Especially During This Pandemic)

The current pandemic has shifted consumer behavior to online transactions more than ever. Sales transactions are being done online and one of the best solutions to keep track of customer behavior is customer relationship management (CRM). This solution will not only consolidate customer data, but will help keep your business in the know of current market trends. CRM expert Patricia Jones shares an article on Customer Think several reasons to use a CRM for increasing sales. They are especially useful in this current pandemic.

  • Streamlines marketing and sales
  • Keeps your salespersons free from busy-work
  • Provides cost-efficiency
  • Boosts your teams’ internal communication
  • Create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Help improve reporting
  • Helps improve customer service
  • Automate daily sales activities
  • Provides a 360-degree view of the customers


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McDreams Optimizes Revenue Management with Infor

Infor recently announced that it is equipping the family-owned McDreams hotel group with Infor EzRMS, Infor’s powerful cloud-based revenue management solution. Infor EzRMS uses deep learning AI to provide enhanced revenue management functionalities and helps to improve guest service. Per the press release, Infor EzRMS is able to help McDreams automate its revenue management, optimize its room occupancy and independently analyze market data. Already a customer of Infor, McDreams hopes to extend their collaborative partnership to provide a competitive advantage among its competition. The group has been managing all internal hotel management processes with Infor’s cloud-based property management solution, Infor HMS, for several years. The cloud-based property management solution connects different hotels: If a guest in Leipzig wants to know whether a room in Munich is available for the following week, the reception staff can retrieve this information within seconds – an incredible advantage.


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How to verify Lawson user AD identity through Windows powershell

A user in Lawson is unable to login to their account. Username or password is incorrect. Assuming your organization is using single sign-on through Active Directory, you can verify the user’s username via Windows powershell.

  1. Login into Lawson Security Administrator (or SCWeb Admin App). Locate the user and copy the username.
  2. Open powershell and check the user via this command: Get-ADuser -identity <username>
  3. If you receive this error: “Cannot find an object with identity”, the user is not setup in AD under that username.
  4. Check with the organizations IT team to verify the correct AD user (assuming you don’t have direct access).
  5. Once they send you that ID, check via powershell again and it should return this result:

4 Ways CRM Can Enable Your Marketing Campaign’s Success

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are a key tool in businesses, especially in your marketing department. A CRM system houses all customer data, which is an essential part of the marketing toolkit that is used to engage and nurture long-term customers. Marketing teams can utilize CRM to strengthen customer relationships, improve communication, and generate new opportunities. Dale Murray, CEO, SalesAgility shares an article on Destination CRM about how CRM solutions can successfully assist your organization’s marketing campaigns:

  1. They can help you get to know your audience. “A CRM system provides a complete omnichannel, companywide view of your prospect and customer contacts. It gives direct access to the latest data available within the organization.”
  2. They can help you send the right personalized message at the right time. “A CRM system will allow you to reach new heights in engaging with your contacts. Identifying trends in behavior will allow you to adapt your messaging and pre-empt future needs.”
  3. They can help to keep the data clean. “Using a CRM system can help to easily manage your datasets, ensuring compliance is maintained with data protection regulations. By implementing automation, workflows can be utilized to clean data and reduce the probability of human error.”
  4. They can help you monitor success and repeat. “The success of your campaigns will continue to feed the CRM with more valuable insights. You can use the results achieved from previous campaigns to improve future ones.”


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Symega Food Ingredients Blends With Infor to Accelerate Time to Market and Drive Growth

Infor recently announced that Symega Food Ingredients has automated business operations with Infor PLM (Optiva) to promote collaboration, enterprise-wide visibility, and scalability to accelerate innovation and growth. Symega produces natural colours, flavours and savoury blends for diverse food and beverage(F&B) segments such as bakery, dairy, confectionary, pharma and savoury across many countries. Per the press release, Symega implemented Infor PLM (Optiva) to significantly reduce product development cycle time, while ensuring regulatory compliance standards are met. With the help of the Infor solution, Symega was able to unify dispersed data and complex business processes across multiple functional groups in the organization. With increased automation, Symega anticipates productivity improvements and lowered operational costs over time, while delivering quality products to customers and enhancing the overall customer experience.


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Save the Date for Inforum 2020: The Digital Experience

The Ultimate Infor Customer Event

Discover. Connect. Get Inspired.

September 15-16, 2020 | Virtual Attendance

Our digital event will include keynotes featuring Infor executives, access to the virtual Hub spotlighting Infor’s latest innovations, on-demand educational sessions, customer case studies, and networking opportunities with customers and partners throughout the event.

The Inforum 2020: The digital experience is a free event, and you will be able to register with a verified company email address (no Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). Remember to check back often for schedule and program updates.

If you registered for the in-person event, you will need to re-register for the digital event.

Register now for Inforum 2020: The digital experience.

How to fix bookmark add error in Lawson portal

If you’re trying to add new bookmarks in Lawson portal and receiving an add error, there might be an issue with your bookmark xml files.

To resolve this, follow the steps below:

  • Login into Lawson portal as an admin and run Rebuild Custom Form Index
  • Verify lo12.1.addchild.xml, lo12.1.addtop.xml, lo12.1.edit.xml are in the LAWDIR/persistdata/lawson/portal/content/forms directory
  • In portal go to Set Custom Forms Data Area
  • Click Find ‘lo’ to show data forms (switch “current data area” if they don’t show).
  • In the new data area select LOGAN and click Update. Run IOSCacheRefresh.