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2015 Could Be the Year of the Hospital Hack

It has been quite a year for hackers – credit card information, celebrity snapshots, even medical records. Carl Leonard, principal security analyst for Websense, says hackers are breaking into healthcare systems more frequent these days, taking valuable personal information that should otherwise be properly secured. Organizations across the globe are switching to electronic medical records, […]

How To Justify Any CRM Investment

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialist Gene Marks tells a story of David who spends $25k on a new truck, yet is hesitant to purchase a CRM program for his business because he does not see a viable ROI. “A CRM system is nothing more than a database,” Marks says, “In it you have every person […]

After early success, Apple Pay faces high-stakes holiday test

Since the release of Apple Pay a few months ago, the technology has yet to face a complete system blunder. Though the strength of the product behind the continuously growing Apple Company will be tested in what we call the holiday-shopping bonanza. It will be very critical that the IT staff behind Apple makes sure […]

CRM Data is a Customer Satisfaction Goldmine

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has developed a bad rap in companies due to “waste” and “inefficiency”. Gartner projects that through 2015, 85% of Fortune 500 companies will fail to utilize big data for competitive advantage. That’s because they feel gathering this data has caused concerns including: volume of data, dark data, duplicate data, and […]

10 Tips For A Successful ERP Implementation

Technological innovation usually leads to increases in efficiency when computer-controlled processes, machines and equipment are concerned. Changes to business processes call for employees to demonstrate great flexibility and agility. Larry Korak, Industry & Solution Strategy Director for Infor, presents ten tips to ensure that your organization has a successful ERP implementation: (For in-depth explanation of […]

Infor Adds Missing CRM Piece With Saleslogix Purchase

Infor announced plans to buy Saleslogix a CRM vendor from Swiftpage, who also own Act!. R Ray Wang, founder and principal at Constellation Research, says Saleslogix is a “decent product, but it’s been shuffled about from company to company over the years.” However, Saleslogix just might be the missing CRM piece in the Infor sales and marketing product group. “Infor provides […]

Business application performance issues are becoming an increasing strain on IT departments

SolarWinds surveyed over 300 business application end-users across various sized UK companies finding that IT departments are feeling under pressure when it comes to maintaining app performance and availability. Ninety four percent of respondents said that application performance and availability affect their ability to do their job, 44 per cent claiming that these are “critical” […]

Upgrade to IPA Made Easy

Find out everything you need to know to upgrade from ProcessFlow to IPA (The Landmark Product). As you know IPA is now a Landmark product and if you upgrade to it now, you won’t have to do anything with it when you upgrade your applications to 10x. In fact you’ll be ahead of the curve […]

29 Tips for Implementing Lawson Security

Have you been taking your time and avoiding the switch to Lawson Security from LAUA? Tisk tisk. Well, fear not, in this 50 minute webinar you will learn all the best tips for implementing Lawson Security and avoiding major pitfalls. Whatever you do, don’t use a canned script that converts LAUA to Lawson Security; that […]