ujobload fails in lawappinstall activate

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Patch being installed if failing when running lawappinstall activate. It fails when running ujobload.

10/31/2023 5:44:25 Executing ujobdump.

10/31/2023 5:44:25 ujobdump execution successful.

10/31/2023 5:44:25 Executing ujobload.

10/31/2023 5:44:26 ERROR – ujobload failed.

ujobload via lawappinstall activate *** No jobs found to load When run manually, it fails with Segmentation Fault(coredump:



lawappinstall update will stage tokens potentially needing a ujobdump/ujobload in LAWDIR/productline/backup/ACTIVATEstage/JOBconversion.

If conditions are correct, lawappinstall activate will run ujobdump and ujobload, then clean up the staged area.

  1. ujobdump -d LAWDIR/productline/backup/ACTIVATEstage/JOBconversion productline $LAWDIR/productline/backup/ACTIVATEstage/JOBconversion.dmp -t <list of Tokens>

In the above <list of Tokens> would be a space-separated list of the tokens located in $LAWDIR/productline/backup/ACTIVATEstage/JOBconversion/??src directories.

  1. ujobload -ou productline LAWDIR/productline/backup/ACTIVATEstage/JOBconversion.dmp
  2. remove dump file, LAWDIR/productline/backup/ACTIVATEstage/JOBconversion.dmp
  3. remove stage dir, LAWDIR/productline/backup/ACTIVATEstage/JOBconversion

Run steps a through d manually, then rerun lawappinstall activate.   If the ujobload fails in step b with a Segmentation Fault(coredump) or other error, make sure the user running ujobload has write access to these files and their directories.



Make corrections if necessary, run steps b through d above, and rerun lawappinstall activate.

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