Infor CEO: AI is the new ‘frontier’ for Filipino businesses

Many businesses worldwide are beginning to allow more artificial intelligence (AI) in their business systems. In the Philippines, experimenting with AI is taking time but promises growth and increased productivity for businesses there. Technology Content Writer Dawn Solano shares an article on PhilSTAR Tech of an interview with Infor CRO Kevin Samuelson and his thoughts on AI’s impact in the Philippine’s business landscape.  “AI, being the ‘next frontier for technology’ will encourage creativity that Filipino businesses and businesses in most countries should explore,” he said. In addition, he told PhilSTAR Tech “Those that are experimenting and learning will be those that end up ultimately benefiting the most.” Infor has used AI in their cloud software services for years and had benefitted both themselves and their clients. With their knowledge of AI in the tech industry, this has allowed the tech giant to apply more advanced methods for their clients, Solano notes from the interview. Additionally, when asked how would legacy businesses in the Philippines, that are deep into technology debt approach AI, Samuelson understood that it could be overwhelming yet not totally requiring deep technical expertise. Moreover, he states that there are a lot of third-party agencies that could help companies put ‘up to speed.’ “These hyperscalers have built this amazing amount of compute, put the algorithms in place,” Samuelson notes. “And so I think the evolution of the technology has also made it far easier to adopt.”


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