dbreorg -lc lists does not show dictionary changes exist

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After adding a view to a productline database and adding it to the application productline using dbdef, blddbdict and dbreorg, the blddbdict created  a +dictionary, but the dbreorg -lc does not show anything as being added.



Files added in dbdef and assigned a database space defined as “Is View Yes” are treated as views by the dbreorg.

Views are not created or modified in the database by the dbreorg process, therefore, they will not show up in the output list from dbreorg -lc.

The dbreorg -lc only lists structure changes that the dbreorg makes to the database.

Any non-structure changes made to the file definitions are not shown in the dbreorg -lc output.  Non-structure changes are file relation definitions and fields defined as compute, conditional or string.

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