AI’s Role in Reshaping the Fashion Landscape

Another industry where artificial intelligence (AI) is making a splash is the fashion industry – curating creativity and efficiency into design, as well as streamlining production and making shopping more seamless than ever before, according to an article on One powerful tool that AI brings to the table is the data collected by retailers and the analysis that AI can help for forecasting, production efforts and customer relations to name a few areas. Ana Friedlander, NA director of industry solution and strategy, fashion and retail at Infor, says of AI’s utilization, “Using purchase history, market trends, and algorithms coupled with data analysis, companies can offer tailored recommendations to consumers.” In addition, manufacturers also use AI to identify and forecast potential issues in the manufacturing processes, helping to minimize inefficiencies, “AI-driven systems are placed in production facilities to predict the possibility of machine failure, allowing maintenance to be scheduled ahead of time. They use AI-based analytics to help predict demand, optimize production schedules, and the ability to manage inventory in real-time that can mitigate supply chain risks,” Friedlander says. Moreover, AI can also assist in the fashion “drawing board” and generate ideas/designs from mood boards to sketches. Dev Nag, CEO of QueryPal, noted in an interview, “Designers check these samples, often making changes to the tech packs, repeating this process several times until everything is suitable for full production. AI can now help designers at almost any point in this process, even turning mood boards directly into fashion and technical sketches.”


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