BATCH Privileged user password expiration

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The BATCH privileged user will only be used for standard Lawson batch programs. If the LSF environment is configured to use the BATCH privileged user and a batch job executes a user token with a script goes into “Needs recovery” status with the error: “execjob(laStartProcess): Unable to log in DOMAIN\USERNAME StartStep failed: Overlapped I/O operation is in progress”, then its possible that the users password has been changed or expired on the network.


The user’s password for their environment identity found in Lawson Security under User Management MUST match the user’s domain/network/AD password. This is required by user tokens. To resolve this issue so user tokens run to completion, the Lawson Security Administrator will need to update the environment identity password for the user running the job so it matches their OS/AD password, OR the system would need to be configured so the user could enter their own password so it matches their OS/AD password.

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