Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Business With Cloud ERP?

Now is the best time for companies to go over their systems or databases and clean up obsolete data and consider retiring legacy systems. One approach would be to consider migrating from an on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to a cloud ERP platform. SAP’s Zoryana Zagorodnya shares an article on Forbes stating that with cloud ERP, companies get advanced features, flexibility and accessibility. Not only that, SAP’s CMO Eric van Rossum also adds that with ERP in the cloud, customers expect faster delivery of products and services, nonstop product and service improvements, greater reliability, and lower costs. Additionally, many companies see artificial intelligence (AI) as a powerful game changer when coupled with their cloud ERP systems. According to a recent study conducted by Forbes Advisor, says Zagorodnya, “a significant number of business owners, who currently utilize or intend to integrate AI into their operations reported that 53% employ AI to enhance production processes, while 51% embrace AI for process automation. Embedding AI into end-to-end business processes allows companies to utilize the vast amount of data accessible through modern ERP systems.”


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