Set debug logging on Lawson Security Rules

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Follow the steps below to set debug logging on Lawson Security Rules.


Launch Lawson Security Administrator (LSA).

Select Server Management.

Select Server.

Select the Auditing + Logging tab.

Under Logging Levels on the right, click Debug.

Under the Select User to Log section type in the RMId of a user who should be logged.

Additionally, under the Select User to Log section type ALL in upper case*.

Click Apply.

After the security Caching Interval time is reached then perform the same action you need to troubleshoot.  Note the date/time you perform the action.

Collect the logs: On the Lawson server, the name and location of the log files are: LAWDIR/system/lase_server_*_*.log  and ios.log and ios.log(x).

To disable the debug logging in LSA, go back to the Auditing + Logging tab. Change the Logging Levels to Critical and highlight the RMId you added and click Remove, then highlight ALL and click Remove.

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