Lawson Portal: Requestor does not exist error when logging in to Portal and selecting the shopping link for RQC

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At times your user may get the error “Requestor does not exist” when logging into Lawson Portal and selects the Shopping link for Requisition Center.


This is because a valid Requestor must exist in Manage Identities in the Lawson Security Administrator (LSA) application.  To verify this, follow these steps:

1)  Login to the LSA Application

2)  Select User Management

3)  Select Manage Identities and verify the correct Requestor is populated

4)  Upon entering RQC/Shopping and the User’s Profile in Shopping where you see the user’s Requester, if it’s not showing the correct Requester, have the user click on the “New” button in the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen.


Note:  After any changes are made in LSA, upon re-entering RQC XML, you need to go into the Utilities link (rqc/html/utility.htm) and click on the RQC IOS Cache Refresh button before accessing the Shopping link again in RQC.

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