Infor Nexus and LSQ Partner to Expand Supply Chain Finance Programs Across the Globe

Infor Nexus and LSQ, a leading provider of working capital finance and payments solutions, recently announced an agreement that provides the Infor Nexus network of suppliers access to early payments through an LSQ FastTrack® supply chain finance program. Vikas Shah, LSQ’s chief revenue officer, says of the agreement, “The agreement opens up a world of opportunity for global suppliers to seize the advantages of LSQ’s supply chain finance program and improve their working capital — all within a system they already use with their buyers. With this new partnership, we are removing the barriers created by inventory-in-transit, cross-border payments, and international procurement processes.” Per the press release, the partnership solution is currently implemented with international suppliers of United Legwear, an existing LSQ supply chain finance customer. The suppliers can access early payments from their Infor Nexus system with the push of a button. Several other buyers are in the early stages of integration to enable global suppliers to join the LSQ supply chain finance program. “Traditionally, international suppliers encumber their accounts receivable by factoring their invoices or standing up cumbersome lines of credits with their local banks,” said LSQ’s Shah. “All of that friction and paperwork is now eliminated with a seamless procurement, payments, and finance solution provided through a single, unified user experience.” Moreover, as part of the strategic partnership, LSQ, in addition to funding, is providing payments automation, credit management and a variety of financial insights to help buyers and suppliers manage their working capital.


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