LSF and LMK: Enabling security_authen.log debug logging

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Follow the steps below to enable security_authen.log tracing on the Lawson System Foundation (LSF) server.


  1. Back up the original SecurityLoggerConfiguration.xml file in LAWDIR/system.


  1. Edit the file and change the loglevel and tracelevel values to 7 for the SecurityAuthenFilter, as shown below:


<filter name=”SecurityAuthenFilter” enabled=”true” classname=”com.lawson.common.util.logging.SimpleMessageFilter”>


<Parameter value=”loglevel=7″/>

<Parameter value=”tracelevel=7″/>




  1. Check the LAWDIR/system/ file. If it does not have the following lines in the file, add them to the end of it:






  1. If you did not have the lines in the file, you will need to restart WebSphere for LSF to enable that change and enable the L7 logging. After restarting, proceed to step


  1. If you already had the lines in the file, from a LID or other command line for LSF, type ssoconfig -c. Type the password when prompted. Select option 16 “Refresh Logging Configuration”.


  1. Wait 5 minutes, then view the security_authen.log and verify you see “L7” lines in it. If you do not see them, wait another 5 minutes, log into Infor Lawson Portal, and check the log again.