The Mayo Hotel Continues to Invest in the Guest Experience with Infor Hospitality

Infor recently announced its successful partnership with The Mayo Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cloud-based Infor HMS and Infor SCS Sales and Event Management solutions were selected by the hotel to help the property adapt to meet today’s and hospitality challenges and support the brand as it grows. In partnering with Infor, The Mayo Hotel will have access to modern technology tools to help deliver a great guest experience every time. Per the press release, Infor HMS hospitality management system will allow teams at The Mayo Hotel to manage everything from the front office and reservations to accounting and sales within a single application. This will create a unified view of business performance, so managers have greater visibility into how their decisions impact other departments, and vice versa. Additionally, modules for event management provide complete financial reporting, revenue forecasting and performance analysis, food and beverage costing, labor scheduling, and full customer relationship management (CRM) and custom correspondence capability.


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