MADI International Digitizes its Warehousing with Infor and SNS to Tap Surging Demand for Cosmetics

Infor recently announced that MADI International, a leading UAE-based supplier of cosmetics, has deployed Infor WMS (Warehouse Management System) to help digitize its warehousing and inventory management as a response to the surging demand for health and beauty products in the region. The platform will be fully integrated with MADI’s existing ERP platform, optimizing inventory and fulfilment accuracy, and streamlining distribution operations. Per the press release, in the wake of business growth, MADI required a new warehousing and inventory management system that could scale to support its growing business needs. They selected SNS to implement Infor WMS based on its best-in-class reputation, ability to integrate with existing systems via APIs, and cloud deployment model. Additionally, the cloud-based warehouse management solution’s powerful analytics and reporting tools will deliver insights into inventory and distribution operations that were previously unavailable.

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