How to Verify a user is set as a Ming.le user

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To verify a user is set as a Ming.le user, we will use the IsMingleUser column as an example to complete the steps below:

  1. Login and access the GEN data area
  2. Navigate to the Actor List
  3. Click Options (In the Web UI you will need to click the ellipsis first)
  4. Select Personalize
    1. If this is the first personalization you will need to click create
    2. If you are updating an existing personalization you will need to click update
  5. Click the + button > Add field
  6. Click the Search button
  7. Type ‘ism’ in the search field and hit enter
  8. Select IsMingleUser from the list
  9. Click OK
    1. If you wish to change the default label for the column, update the label box
  10. Check the box next to Updateable
    1. Depending on your LMK version, you may need to add the field and then edit it to check the box next to “Allow data to be updated in the list”
  11. Click OK

You are then returned to the actor list which will update and the IsMingleUser column will be added to the Actor List screen.



Other columns that you may want to add to assist with user provisioning include:


IsActorDisabled – make updateable

IsAckBodReq – make updateable

MingleId – make updateable




Beginning with versions 2022.03.00..632 (MT) and (ST/OP) the following fields have been added as updateable to the default Actor List: