A Look Into the Latest Technology with This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials

While CES takes the stage showcasing the latest innovation in January of each year to around 200,000 event goers, the Super Bowl commercial lineup takes a larger stage every February and introduces consumers to the latest technology we’ll see this year. Most notably lacking presence in this year’s line up of commercials in the technology space is crypto. This year’s technology line up went back to the basics of commercials 101 – celebrity cameos. Alicia Silverstone reprised her iconic Clueless role in a commercial for Rakuten – the online shopping savings mobile application. This was one of a handful of commercials showcasing mobile apps along with Uber One and Door Dash, reminding consumers that this is the year of technology that can be accessible at your fingertips. A helpful reminder that our phones have the power to keep us more connected, Google Pixel showcased the latest Pixel 7 with the help of familiar faces Amy Schumer, Doja Cat, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Technology surely makes our lives easier, even in our professional lives. Adam Driver discovers the singularity that is Squarespace – a website that builds websites. This ‘meta’ concept showcases how easy it is for people to create online presence with a simple to use website builder.  Speaking of meta, Keke Palmer takes us on a journey to explain exactly what the meta verse is in Facebook’s own ad. Streaming services Tubi and Netflix made appearances as well, with the latter introducing their newest partnership – with the help of Will Ferrell – with General Motors. The streaming giant and auto manufacturer have banded together to promote the use to Electric Vehicles in Netflix original content and GM supporting more consumers switching to EVs. Lastly, it wouldn’t be a technology lineup without the tech giant Amazon. While a dog food commercial brought us to tears, another four legged star was featured in a sentimental commercial with the pup finding a forever family. The family makes him officially feel at home as they browse Amazon’s website for a new kennel.


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