Amalthea Uses Infor Integrated AI Solution to Help Improve Cheese Quality & Yields, Build Customer Loyalty and Boost Sustainability

Infor recently announced that Amalthea, a leading global provider of goat cheese and organic cow cheese, is using Infor’s integrated artificial intelligence (AI) solution – Infor Coleman – to help with improving cheese quality and yields, build customer loyalty and boost sustainability. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Amalthea strives to make the most of the top-quality goat milk it receives from about 50 goat farmers who are members of the Amalthea Cooperative of Goat Farmers. Per the press release, Amalthea modernized its ERP with Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage in 2020 and has since leveraged the power of Infor’s cloud technology platform, Infor OS, to solve a critical milk yield business problem. This, according to the company, was previously hard to tackle because of outdated and disconnected applications, data silos and lack of time and resources. The modernization formed the building blocks to create AI-driven applications quickly and efficiently. Amalthea’s AI-driven yield deviation detection and explanation, a solution implemented in less than 90 days, is now fully automated – from data collection and processing to presentation. Additionally, Amalthea is utilizing Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage throughout its supply chain, from the reception of milk to the cheese warehouse. Further, Infor technology also has helped Amalthea improve the speed and efficiency of its financial closing process from weeks to days. Being in the cloud with Infor provides Amalthea a strong foundation for future growth, as data insights will play an increasingly important role in dairy production.


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