Infor Landmark Security Roles (ST) explained

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From time to time you may get inquiries from a client’s audit team about Landmark Security Roles. This overview table helps explain their uses assuming no modifications were made to them by the organization or Infor. To see a more in-depth understanding of Landmark classes, see our article: “Infor Landmark Security Classes (ST) explained


Delivered role Intended for use by Contains these security classes
InbasketUser_ST Normal end-users who receive work items in the Inbasket BasicProductLineAccess_ST

ProductLineAccess_ST InbasketUser_ST

Lpa_ST ProcessSchedulingAllAccess_ ST

JobQueueServer_ST Users who must perform actions on the Landmark job queue. BasicProductLineAccess_ST

ProductLineAccess_ST JobQueueAccess_ST

ProcessDesigner_ST Process developers BasicProductLineAccess_ST ProductLineAccess_ST


ProcessDesigner_ST ProcessSchedulingAllAccess_ ST

ProcessServerAllAccess_ST IPA system administrators BasicProductLineAccess_ST ProductLineAccess_ST


LpaAdmin_ST ProcessServerAllAccess_ST ProcessSchedulingAllAccess_ ST ScheduledActionsAccess_ST

ProcessServerReadAccess_ST IPA assistant administrators, power users, developers (depending on policies at

your site)



Not delivered through a role. Assign the class to any role for users who need to assign proxies. Users who need to assign Tasks to other users to cover for them. ProcessAutomationProxy_ST
ConfigConsoleSecurityAdmin_ST Users who need full access to the Configuration Console. ConfigAdminAccess_ST


ConfigConsoleSecurityAdmin_ ST