Infor Landmark Security Classes (ST) explained

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This is a more in-depth look at the security classes assigned to Landmark Security Roles. To find a better overview of Landmark Security Roles, see our article on “Infor Landmark Security Roles (ST) explained


Delivered Class Access Details
BasicProductLineAccess_ST In conjunction with ProductLineAccess_ST, provides general product line access that all Landmark actors need.
InbasketUser_ST Access to user’s own Inbasket for reviewing and taking action on work items.
Lpa_ST Access to the Infor Process Automation system, including menus in Infor Rich Client. All IPA users need this.
LpaAdmin_ST Access to Infor Process Automation administration menu options in Infor Rich Client.
JobQueueAccess_ST Access to the Landmark job queue.
ProcessAutomationProxy_ST Access to business classes related to proxy assignments
ProcessDesigner_ST Access to the business classes that the Infor Process Designer tool needs.
ProcessSchedulingAllAccess_ST Provides read, write access to IPA triggering features.
ProcessServerAllAccess_ST Provides read, write access to all IPA features.
ProcessServerReadAccess_ST Provides read access to all IPA features
ProductLineAccess_ST In conjunction with BasicProductLineAccess_ST, provides general product line access that all Landmark actors need.
ScheduledActionsAccess_ST Provides the ability to schedule Landmark actions.
ConfigConsoleSecurityAdmin_ST Provides all access to the Landmark Configuration Console.