Three Ways To Successfully Integrate New Technology Into Employee Workflow

The Forbes Council shares three ways to integrate new or different technology into your team’s workflow environments. If done well, your team can achieve success while taking advantage of new technologies.

  1. Empower your employees and make them ‘beta’ testers. Galvanize your employees into being a part of the process of enhancing this new tech. Give them the chance to feel as if they are making the product better — because they are.
  2.  Hold training sessions, and set aside time to make the learning curve less steep. It takes a team effort to make a new product work to the best of its ability. Understand there will be a learning curve, but it’s possible to successfully get your team on board and excited about something new and different.
  3. Don’t reinvent the wheel. No matter what change you’re introducing — whether it be new tech or switching up another aspect of your business process — don’t lose sight of what you and your employees do best.


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