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4 Cutting Edge Technologies That Are Reshaping Healthcare as We Know It

Technology continues to make advances in the medical field, benefiting both medical professionals and patients. While there are many areas within the field, the following are core areas that will have the most dramatic impact on how healthcare operates as a whole due to technological advancements. Natural Language Processing –  this technology is able to […]

Artificial Intelligence Comes to Learning

Since its creation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seeped into many industries and departments and has benefited businesses both large and small. The reason that AI has been so adaptable in so many areas is because of its ability to learn. Just as humans do, AI has the phenomenal ability to adaptively learn. There are actually […]

Infor to Help Healthcare Organizations Develop Successful Physician Engagement Strategies

Infor has recently announced that Physician Relationship Management (PRM) is now available. This is meant to help enhance the physician business development workforce of an organization while improving physician performance. This will allow for market data, which may help to grow physician referrals and preferences from users. There are a myriad of features available on […]

Happy Halloween: Let Artificial Intelligence tell you a spooky story!

Has anyone told you a scary story this Halloween? If you haven’t heard one yet, you can check out one of the spooky tales generated by Shelley AI, which has been creating different fear-filled stories every hour leading up to Halloween. It uses algorithims that take stories from the subreddit r/nosleep where people write and […]

The Scariest Thing this Halloween Might be the ‘Reaper’ – a Botnet that’s Already Infected Over a Million Devices

It’s that time of year again for trick-or-treating and spooky stories. But what’s even scarier than tales about ghosts and goblins is the fact that a growing hacked device botnet called “Reaper” has already infected over a million webcams and routers connected to the internet…and the numbers continue to rise. These botnets are composed of […]

4 Ways You’re Misusing Your CRM Data

Customer Relations Management (CRM) can make a small start-up company into a top dog of the industry if they go about using their data in the most effective way possible. A study found that a majority of CRM users found improved customer data access in their system. However , small companies often don’t utilize their […]

How the Cloud Might Actually Shrink Your Exposure to Cyber Risk

With the numerous digital security breaches in the news in recent months, many companies are asking themselves if their digital perimeters are safe enough to withstand against a cyber-attack. With the price of protection being costly, companies are having to make serious compromises. Organizations’ network perimeters have dramatically extended as companies try to make their […]

The Top 5 Restaurant Technology Trends for 2017

The restaurant industry has has been quickly adapting to the use of technology in the workplace, however the industry has to be careful not to let technology interface with personal service. These are the top 5 restaurant technology trends according to the latest industry research. Technology that reduces food waste and increases revenue – Systems […]

5 Ways to Avert an ERP Disaster

There are many benefits to implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system at your business. However, there are valid reasons as to why one would be hesitant to do so as it can be a very stressful time for everyone involved. There are certain steps that businesses both large and small can take in […]

Is CRM Truly Costly to Implement?

For many start ups and small to medium sized companies, they believe that getting a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is going to be rather costly, making it only realistically obtainable for large or prosperous organizations. Companies think this for a myriad of reasons; they allocate enough resources for the training, they think of it […]