3 Trends in Healthcare Technology That You Need to Know About

Thanks to a plethora of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications, the healthcare industry is getting a makeover. In 2019, the federal IT budget is expected to exceed $4.8 billion. Some of the most popular technology trends that are contributing to this large increase in budget include patient scheduling software, smartwatches, and marketing software. Patient scheduling software is making it convenient and easy for patients to schedule appointments with their doctor and even communicate with them using apps on their phone and the provider’s online websites. With heart disease being a prevalent cause of deaths in america every year, smartwatches are becoming more popular because they measure the user’s heart rate for symptoms of heart attack or cardiac arrest, and can even notify paramedics in the occurrence of one. Marketing automation software is highly appreciated and used by medical administrators. These software allow for an easy tracking of data integration, patient monitoring, and patient outreach.


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