7 Tips for Securely Moving Data to the Cloud

Cloud computing is on the rise and is expected to increase dramatically in the next few years. A few reasons for this is that these could based apps offer more connectivity and functionalities than legacy systems. Overall, the system is more affordable, reliable and allows access to other forms of new tehcnologies. Whether your going to make the full flip over to the cloud for your company or integrate using a hybrid cloud platform, there is a definite need to secure your data while making the move.

1) Know your data.

2) Have a defined and enforced data life cycle policy

3) Know your cloud options: Private, public, hybrid or community cloud?

4) Understand and clearly articulate your Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles responsibilities and demarcation points for your data.

5) Apply encryption — thinking end to end — data at rest and data in transit.

6) Test your controls.

7) Back up all data in a distinct fault domain.

A cloud-computing project management office (PMO)  should be highly considered for larger enterprises in order to manage vendor engagement. But whether large or small, keep in mind that moving your data is one task, but managing it is a complex and ongoing process.

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