GL190 message: “Another job currently processing for company (0)”

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The Journal Posting (GL190) program output states the message “Another job currently processing for company (0).”

This error indicates that another updating job is currently processing, in needs recovery, or was deleted from recovery.

Go to Job Scheduler and choose all users and verify that an update job is currently running for this company. If so, you will need to allow this job to complete before you can run GL190.  If no active jobs, check waiting and resolve any jobs in needs recovery.

If there is not another job being processed or needing recovery, you will need to update the record that will allow GL190 to run.  Create a paint a screen to update the GLSYSTEM file in the IF System Code and change the Updating field to 00 or blank out the field entirely.

GL190 may also create a GLMONITOR record that needs to be cleared. To clear this record, go to GL15.1, GLMONITOR Maintenance, and Inquire on the program that is running (in this case, you would Inquire on GL190). If a record appears, but the job is not actually running, delete the record.

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