How to restrict or grant access to a function code in Lawson Security

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For this example, we will be granting access on a restricted function code on GL45.1. The function code is the Q – Quick Post.


On the Lawson form to get more information, select the function code field and press CTRL + SHIFT + O


We care about LINE-FC and parent column DT0.

  1. In LSA create your security class and click add rule.
  2. Grant all access to GL45 system code:
  3. Now expand GL45.1 and search for column DT0, then expand it.
  4. Find LINE-FC and select it
  5. On the right, select the Unconditional Access for Action and click in the blank white box, you’ll see a list of codes you can grant access to. For this example select Q for Quick post.
  6. Now click Apply and you’re done.

You can also restrict this by creating a Conditional Rule Access.

Good luck!

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