Work Units Not Triggered after Landmark Update

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If you have services for approval or other types of flows in IPA, and they stop getting triggered after a Landmark update, it is possible that you need to repackage and redeploy the LPS jars.  This is good practice after a Landmark CU anyway.

  1. On the Landmark server, open a Landmark command window
  2. Run the command “packageLPSClientJars”
  3. Copy the LASYSDIR/LPS/LPSClientJars.jar file to the Lawson server at GENDIR/bpm/jar
  4. Run commands stoppfem and stoppfrmi
  5. Navigate to GENDIR/bpm/jar in a command window with environment variables set
  6. Run tar -xvf LPSClientJars.jar
  7. Run commands startpffrmi and startpfem
  8. If the changes don’t take effect, reboot the Lawson server


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