Infor Nexus Is Taking An Interesting Approach To Generative AI


According to IBM’s Institute for business value, around 75% of CEOs believe generative AI (artificial intelligence) is the key to competitive advantage. However, this may be limited in areas such as supply chain where AI could have limited use. Steve Banker, logistics and supply chain management experts, shares an article on Forbes about how business experts have talked about the use of generative AI to improve supply chain system user interfaces. “The idea here is an Alexa type experience where a user asks a question and the technology searches through an application to find the answer, states Banker. “So, a user might ask, ‘who is the supplier on this order.'” The answer: Infor Nexus.

Infor Nexus is a supply chain network that connects businesses to their key partners and makes coordinating the flow of materials and information much more seamless. The solution is particularly strong in creating visibility and coordination of international transport, collaboration with supplier networks and automating trade finance processes. “Infor Nexus’s approach is not to just give a specific answer to a specific question, but to provide the right data visual, in this example a matrix type view of several days of shipments with demurrage risk,” states Banker. Tom Sorgie, the senior vice president of technology at Infor Nexus, calls this rich visual controls. “These visual controls present the information in an intuitive and verifiable way and enable the users to dive right into the data,” says Sorgie. He also adds that the combination of generative AI and a graph database can be powerful.


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