How AI and cloud storage can work together

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that helps organizations save time, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. With this transformative technology available, tech leaders might wonder how it can help with optimizing cloud storage. Julia Borgini, freelance technical copywriter and content marketing strategist, shares an article on TechTarget showing how AI is capable of expanind how cloud storage providers handle storage, maintenance and forecasting. Borgini explains, “AI most easily integrates into cloud storage for monitoring, diagnostics and predictive analysis in storage infrastructure and applications. AI can help with automated management and configuration, fault prevention, predictive resource and capacity planning, intelligent data management, and enhanced data security.” Additionally, she points out how many cloud storage vendors use AI in their platforms so customers could understand how it is used before signing up. Other best practices include seeing if the AI tools need access to user data on the hardware and software level in order for it to work properly. Lastly, Borgini suggests exploring dynamic and flexible pricing options that support customer business requirements without surprises. For many it means a pay-for-use subscription model that includes service-level agreements and guarantees that meet customer expectations.


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