Harnessing The Power Of AI For Cybersecurity

When we integrate security and IT operations, cybersecurity becomes increasingly important and should be at the top of your list to maintain and set in place. There are Recently CrowdStrike announced new offerings that may change how cybersecurity and IT operations unify to harness the power of generative AI (artificial intelligence) to protect against breaches more effectively. Tony Bradley, tech expert and  Editor-in-Chief of TechSpective, shares an article on Forbes on how systems like CrowdStrike harnesses the power of AI for your cybersecurity. Bradley notes that at the heart of CrowdStrike’s new suite is Charlotte AI, a conversational AI that promises to transform how security teams interact with their cybersecurity tools. By leveraging foundational AI models, Charlotte AI enables security analysts at all levels to ask complex queries in plain language and receive actionable insights in real time. In addition, with the increasing popularity of AI comes an increased (if not more) risk of data sensitivity and data exposure. How so do we manage this? Bradley states that “CrowdStrike is striving to address this risk with enhancements to Falcon Data Protection, which has been updated to prevent data leakage to web-based, commercial generative AI tools. By providing comprehensive policies that track content movement and prevent unauthorized sharing or uploading, Falcon Data Protection aims to address a gap in traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions.” Lastly, with AI in cybersecurity, there can be a unified front against cyber threats. “CrowdStrike’s latest offerings represent a strategic move towards a more integrated, AI-powered approach to cybersecurity and IT operations,” notes Bradley. “Unifying these traditionally separate domains under a single platform and leveraging the power of generative AI can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of security and IT teams.”


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