Increase Landmark session timeout value

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From the Landmark server admin command prompt, run the command and answer the questions:


secadm -m

  • Maintain Single Sign On Configuration (Option 14)
  • Configure Lawson Single Sign On (Option 2)
  • Select SSL or TCPIP (Option 1 or 2)
  • Enter the service to use to sign on (ex. SSOPV2)
  • Enter a time out value in minutes for sign on sessions (default is 60)
  • Enter a time out value in minutes for orphaned sessions (default is 360)
  • Type e to Exit

Note: You must perform a system restart for the changes you made here to take effect.

To verify the current WebUI session timeout value:

From a web browser, navigate to:


Look for the PROPERTY name=”sessionto” value

NOTE: Landmark and Ming.le / Lawson Portal session timeout should have the same value (default is 60 minutes)


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