Troubleshooting steps for problems with batch jobs

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When batch jobs are not running and are in a waiting status. Our users are unable to add or submit batch jobs.


Here are some steps to troubleshoot problems with batch jobs

  1. If users are not able to add a batch job:
    • create the NOPARAMVAL file in the LAWDIR/system directory. The NOPARAMVAL touch file allows the system to skip the parameter validation when a new batch job is added.

From a LID command line, type the following:

cd $LAWDIR/system


  1. If jobs are not submitting, failing, or hanging, follow the steps below:
    • fix corrupt jobstep records

 From a LID command line, type the following:

 jobinteg -d

Increase the Max Number of Jobs and Max Number of Update Jobs values in jqdef

Ensure the RUNJOBS setting is set high enough in the LAWDIR/system/lajs.cfg. If the total Max Number of Jobs from jqdef is set at 10, RUNJOBS must be set to at least 10.

Restart the Job Scheduler by using the startjobqueue command

Recover and resubmit any jobs that are in Needs Recovery.

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