Resolving “Metadata not available” error in Infor Reporting with Chrome browser

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A user is encountering a problem while utilizing the XM reporting tool in conjunction with the Chrome browser.



When launching the Ad-hoc reporting tool using Chrome and selecting the ER Model option, the “list” option is chosen from the provided pre-defined report layouts. Normally, users would be presented with the report building functions, and the right-side source panel would display all available fields that can be dragged into the report area. However, as observed in the attached document, both the source field and report area are completely empty, rendering it impossible to construct any form of report.


This issue persists when creating new reports and running existing ones through both Ad Hoc and Professional Reporting, specifically when utilizing Chrome or Incognito mode.


Note: Please be aware that IR only supports IE11 or Edge (in IE mode).


Another workaround may be to use another Browser:  IE, Firefox, Edge, etc.


And that’s all there is to it. Good luck!

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