Where does Lawson Process Flow (IPA) get the SMTP server for emailing?

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If you’re creating a new IPA (Infor Process Automation) Process Flow or editing a new one, you’ll want to know where the SMTP configuration information is to send out email notifications within the flow itself.


For 901 and v10 systems:

  1. Go to your LSF application server
  2. Go to the $LAWDIR\system directory.
  3. Search for the bpm.properties file and find the mailserver= line that contains the SMTP server info.
  4. Update it if needed, restart the server and test.


For cloud customers, this can be found in the Web based Process Server Administration portal for your organization.

  1. Login into your organizations Process Server Administration portal
  2. Go to Configuration >> System Configuration
  3. Locate the “system” configuration name and double click it to open
  4. Under property name, find mailServer, edit the value if needed

That’s it!

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