Compile Error Key Number Does Not Exist

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There are times when you may encounter the following error message, “Fld Error: Key Number Does Not Exist”. This can appear when attempting to compile a 4GL program in Lawson, it is possible that the key needs to be added to kndef.

Note that this error message will likely present itself in the XXXX.scr.err file.

To resolve this error, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Login to LID
  2. Run command kndef to define the missing key
  3. cd LAWDIR/(productline)/sdlib
  4. rm *
  5. srgen (productline) (source)
  6. qcompile (productline) (source) (program)
  7. recompile any other invoked programs

Your error message should now disappear and the program should run normal.

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