ISS: Java out of memory error when rebuilding the search index

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At times, you may get the following errors rebuilding the search index for Infor Security Services (ISS):

JVMDUMP039I Processing dump event “systhrow”, detail “java\lang\OutOfMemoryError” at 2023/03/25 19:35:53 – please wait.


To resolve these errors, do the following:

Adjust the JVM max memory size for ssoconfig in the GENDIR\java\command\ to 4096m

Before: ljx.vm.options=-Xmx512m

After: ljx.vm.options=-Xmx4096m

Next, save and close the file

This change is dynamic and does not require a restart, but you must exit ssoconfig for it to take effect.

After the change is completed and you’ve exited from the ssoconfig menu, you can now go back into ssoconfig -c  to choose the rebuild the search index.