Bozeman Health Partners with Infor to Embed New AI Capabilities

Infor recently announced the success Bozeman Health has seen with its healthcare-specific artificial intelligence (AI), supply chain (SCM), and analytics solutions. Per the press release, in partnering with Infor, Bozeman has successfully integrated AI into key processes so that the organization has the tools to be more efficient and accurate to meet demands, and make smarter decisions for supply, vendor and warehouse management. Bozeman Health selected Infor for their deep expertise in the healthcare industry and its ability to provide a scalable, user-friendly, agile solution that could quickly help Bozeman boost efficiency and streamline processes. Additionally, many integrated AI capabilities deployed at Bozeman Health include Infor Coleman Digital Assistant (DA), which empowers employees to find information by simply asking a question via text or voice chat such as stock location, PO status, and more. Time saved means costs save, which can be used to scale and expand the organization. Further, since moving to the cloud with Infor, Bozeman Health has seen significant improvements in productivity and profitability, and the organization continues to find ways to improve processes and increase the reliability of information that gets entered into its systems with the help of Infor’s software.


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