Resetting TF11 password on windows

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Here is a step by step guide to reset your TF11 password on windows.


Step 1:

Login to MSSQL and navigate to TF11/Security/Logins/TF11 and double click to open and reset the password on the General Tab.



Step 2:

Open windows explorer and right mouse click on This PC and go to Properties


You get this screen

Click on Advanced System Settings

Click on Environment Variables

Scroll down and find TF11_Connect and select and click Edit to change the password to the new password.

Click OK all the way out to save the changes.


Use ODBC to validate if a TEST is successful

Go to D:\Tomcat8\PRD-11\conf\Catalina\localhost

Edit the eTF11d1#PRD.xml file and change the password to the new password.


Then restart the Apache services