Internet Explorer 11 end of life and what it means for Lawson users

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Internet Explorer 11 is losing Microsoft’s support on June 15, 2022.


What does this mean?

In a nutshell, IE11 will no longer be secure after June 2022. Vulnerabilities will not be fixed after this date. You’ll also experience more issues as other applications get updates while IE11 does not.


How will this affect Lawson users?

As Infor updates their Landmark, Mingle, Portal applications, (especially cloud-based apps), IE11 will run into more and more issues and most importantly will be vulnerable to security threats such as phishing and malware. This will be the same story with third-party applications that integrate into IE such as MHC’s Image Express.


What should my organization do?

First, use a modern browser like Chrome or Microsoft Edge and make sure you’re on a supported version of Windows.

Your organization should also look into getting on a supported version of Lawson if they are not already. Update third-party and customized Lawson applications to use modern browsers.

If your in-house Lawson team is not well-equipped to perform mass Lawson upgrades/migrations, it is best to hire a Lawson Managed service consultant team to assist in getting your organization up-to-date. They often are more agile with a wider range of resources and expertise. Additionally, if your company has migrated from Lawson but still have historical data taking up space in your servers, you should look at archiving solutions that can give you the freedom to completely eliminate all Lawson footprint from your organization.

Nogalis can help with both your Lawson managed services and Lawson data archiving plans. Schedule a meeting with a Nogalis representative and let’s discuss your long term plans for your Lawson environment.