Nogalis, Inc & Other Industry Experts Attend AWS Summit San Francisco


One of the largest technology events kicked off for the Spring – the AWS Summit in San Francisco, CA. Nogalis, Inc., as well as other industry experts in the cloud computing space, had a front row experience at what AWS has in store.

AWS Summit San Francisco welcomed industry leaders, partners and experts on a two-day immersive experience – discovering how AWS can help you innovate quickly and deliver flexible, reliable solutions at scale. Attendees of the event get first access to the latest news from AWS leaders, learn new skills, and network with industry peers. Per the AWS website, “Over the two days, attendees will be able to hear from AWS experts, customers, and partners on how to leverage the cloud computing technology and learn the technology with interactive content.”

This year’s keynote speaker Swami Sivasubramanian – Vice President of Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning Services, Amazon Web Services – shared some exciting innovations that can make AWS the best place to run your applications, while also making better, faster decisions with your data. AWS is delivering and developing the next generation of cloud infrastructure to transform your business. While AWS is regarded as the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, Sivasubramanian made a powerful statement regarding the future of this platform, indicating there is more to come. “AWS, despite 11 straight years of being the leader in the magic quadrant still believes it’s still early days.”

Keynote Speaker Swami Sivasubramanian address a forward thinking attitude regarding the state of AWS – “It’s still early days.”

AWS’s flexibility to run any application is the driving factor as to why Nogalis has successfully integrated this cloud platform to their business services. Being part of this event, our AWS knowledge and expertise continues to stay cutting edge as our software engineers will utilize the vital material learned from this experience to harness the power of big data, and put it to work for our customers, gaining a greater business advantage.