Using IPA Web Run to work with attachments/comments

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Working with attachments (or comments) to forms Is very simple using the WebRun node in IPA.

The first step to setting up a Web Run node, is to configure the Web Run Connection in your IPA configuration set.  For Internal Lawson commands, this will be your Lawson configuration set (usually “main”).

If your organization is using ADFS for authentication to Lawson, make sure you set up the Web Run Connection using the Lawson thick client site.

Here are the Web Programs used when working with attachments:

  • lawson-ios/action/ReadAttachment
  • lawson-ios/action/ListAttachments
  • lawson-ios/action/DeleteAttachment
  • lawson-ios/action/ChangeAttachment
  • lawson-ios/action/AddAttachment

The Post string should contain the pertinent details relating to the attachment.  All attachments will need a dataArea, filename, indexName, attachmentCategory, and Key values.  The Key values map to the index for the table to which you are adding attachments.  Attachment category is C or U (comment or URL).

When working with specific attachments (ReadAttachment, DeleteAttachment, ChangeAttachment), you will also need to provide attachmentNbr, which is the unique key of the attachment.  When adding and changing attachments, you will also want to provide the ATTACHMENT-NAME and ATTACHMENT-TEXT values.