It’s time for a digital spring cleaning

When it comes to spring you think of certain things – cherry blossoms, warmer weather, Easter, and of course the inevitable task of ‘spring cleaning’. Many people are motivated to declutter around this time. Cleaning out garages and organizing storage shelves come to mind. But what about cleaning up your digital space? Your phones and laptops may need some TLC during this spring cleaning period. Not only that, making sure your digital privacy is in tact with passwords and stored payments is critical as well. The Better Business Bureau and Nextar Media share tips for a digital spring cleaning strategy. Together with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), BBB is encouraging people to check their smartphones, laptops and tablets and take a few minutes to review these tips when starting their digital spring cleaning.

  • Lock down your login: “Security is critical to protecting accounts being used for work and for home. Ensure passphrases for each account are lengthy, unique, and safely stored. Enable 2-factor authentication on all accounts that offer it.”
  • Update your system and software: “Avoid procrastination! Having the most current software, web browsers, and operating systems are some of the easiest and fastest ways to protect your most sensitive assets.”
  • Back it up: “Protect your personal and workplace data by making electronic copies – or backups – of your most important files. Use the 3-2-1 rule to help guide you: 3 backup copies, 2 different media types, and 1 offline in a separate location.”
  • Clean up your online presence: “When was the last time you used all the apps on your phone or tablet? Do you know what the settings are on all the social media accounts that check in with friends and family? Check up on all your accounts. Then, control your role by making sure you know who has administrative access to your accounts. Keep all your passwords private.”
  • Be careful what you share: “Quizzes on social media are fun and keeping in touch is a necessity these days. However, questions on social media might give away too much information about you, your location or your family.”



Digital Spring Cleaning on an Enterprise Level

Now that you’ve got your digital space organized on a personal level, you should also consider how to clean up your workspace on an enterprise level. Does your business have old data lying around or legacy systems with historical data that need proper archiving? While the process can be worrisome and stressful, there are several options out there to get your digital mess at work cleaned up as well. Nogalis helps Lawson customers archive their legacy applications to the cloud and eliminate 100% of their Lawson footprint in 6-8 weeks so they can save on average $300k annually. Learn more about APIX Lawson Data Archive Solution Here.

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