Resolving Lawson IPA Error: Unable to lookup RMI object

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If you’re reviewing an Infor Process Automation log and notice the “Error: Unable to lookup RMI object rmi://localhost:16003/dbSecurity” or something similar firing on a FileAccess node, this means your bpm.ear config file got updated (possibly from an environment update) and needs to be fixed.

To resolve this, you’ll need to update the dbrmihostname field from “localhost” to the LSF server domain name in the bmp.ear file. See steps below.


To update the bpm.ear and bpm.war files follow the steps below:

  1. You must run the command from the same directory as where the bpm.ear file and bpm.war file exist:

cd %GENDIR%/assembly/products/bpm/jar

  1. Execute the perl script to rebuild the files, providing the new RMI port and hostname of your LSF machine:
    • perl %GENDIR%/bin/ <RMI_PORT> <HOSTNAME>
    • Example: perl %GENDIR%/bin/ 16003
  2. Redeploy bpm.ear in WebSphere from the %GENDIR%/assembly/products/bpm/jar directory.
  3. Generate and Propagate the Plugin in WebSphere.
  4. Restart Process Flow.
  5. Restart the LSF WebSphere Application Server(s).
  6. Restart the web server.