Creating an LBI Smart Notification Series – Creating a Smart Notification (Part 2)

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LBI Smart Notifications are reports that are sent directly to users for reviewing vs a user logging into LBI to manually view a report. In this section we will first start off with an Intro to creating a Smart Notification. See Part 1 titled: “Creating an LBI Smart Notification Series – Creating an InfoSet (Part 1)


  1. Login into LBI (admin permission required) >> go to Tools >> Select Smart Notification
  2. In Smart Notification, select Notifications at the top
    • If you have none, it’ll say No Selections (see screenshot), else you’ll notice a list of existing Notifications
  3. To create a new Smart Note, click Add

  4. Smart Notification Wizard will pop-up and starts at step 1 (Select Facts)

    • The Facts section is where you would connect the dataset (or InfoSet) to the notification (this can also be a document among varios other types of data).
    • An InfoSet is most commonly an SQL query or stored Proc that gathers data from a database.
  5. For this example, we will assume you have an InfoSet already created. View your InfoSets by clicking Search

  6. For our example we will be selecting the MonlthyVariance InfoSet and then select Range
  7. At the bottom of the next page choose Select >> Add >> Ok at the very bottom

  8. At the bottom under My Selections you should now see your InfoSet for step 1
  9. Now click Next or select step 2 Conditions
    • Conditions can be added with the Add button. This lets you tailor the data to your liking. This can also be done on the InfoSet side when writing a query or stored proc.
  10. Click Next again or select step 3 Delivery
    • Delivery typically is done through the Device tab which are setup email addresses in Smart Notes (See article titled “How to setup a LBI smart note delivery device”)
    • The Bursting tab is the alternate method. In the Bursting tab select the InfoSet, and the column to burst on which is typically a list of email addresses.
    • Schedule tab is similar to Device, except on a schedule which can be set elsewhere for the Notification.
  11. Click Next again or select Step 4 Related Info
    • Related Info lets you link other LBI reports, shared documents, deploy in a pre-made formatted template among other customizations. This may be covered in more depth in a future article.
  12. Click Next again or select Step 5 Save
    • This is where you Name, describe, set Home Page Group for your Notification.
    • You can also Preview, set Status, and add additional Permissions if needed.
  13. Click Save New Item to create your new notification and view it in the Notifications Tab.


Hope this was helpful! Good luck!