Creating an LBI Smart Notification Series – Creating an Info Set (Part 1)

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LBI Smart Notifications are reports that are sent directly to users for reviewing vs a user logging into LBI to manually view a report. In this section we will first start off with an Intro to creating an Info Set.


  1. Login into LBI (admin permission required) >> go to Tools >> Select Smart Notification
  2. In Smart Notification, select Admin at the top >> Work with InfoSets
  3. Click Add to start creating an InfoSet
  4. InfoSet Wizard should start >> Select the type of Info Set you want
    • Our example will be a Relational Database (JDBC) stored procedure with a predefined Data Source
  5. Click Next or go to Step 2 Define Info Set
    • In this section you will be defining your data depending on what type you select.
    • This data can include defining column data, number/string format etc.
  6. Click Next or go to Step 3 Specify Links
    • This section allows you to add file or class links which is dependent on your organization’s needs and what the notification will be used for.
  7. Click Next or go to Step 4 Save InfoSet
    • In this section you can add a Name, Description, set a group name.
    • Also allows you to add additional access, filter certain content, even categorize or limit the InfoSet.
  8. Once done with Step 4, click Save As New at the bottom to finish your InfoSet


That’s it! Smart Notifications and InfoSets have a lot of customizability, most of which aren’t necessary to get it going.

See Part 2 of this series titled “Creating an LBI Smart Notification Series – Creating a Smart Notification (Part 2)” to find out how to add this InfoSet to a new Notification report. Good luck!