How to setup a LBI smart note delivery device

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You have a Lawson Business Intelligence Smart Notification report that needs users email devices added to it. In order to create one, follow the steps below.

  1. Login to LBI and go to Tools Dashboard >> Smart Notifications
  2. Go to Personal Settings and select Delivery Devices

  1. Under Delivery Devices at the bottom right click “Add Device”

  1. The General Info is the name of the device while the Delivery Method should be the actual email address of the user.
    1. Note that the default type and template are usually fine for most reports and organizations
  2. Click Add after you’ve filled in the proper info

  1. The delivery device (email address) will be sent a 4-digit confirmation code which you will need to enter here and click “Update”.
    1. You can start adding the email device to notifications before confirming the device.